BMW continues on with the expansion of its electric models. Some say it’s already too late, that they missed a step and other car makers will already have the edge when BMW’s upcoming batch of EVs will arrive. Others understand that developing the fifth-generation of drivetrains and batteries takes time and the Bavarians just want to do things right. In the meantime, work continues in Germany and the flagship, electric iNext is getting closer to production.

BMW is banking a lot on this new model, making all sorts of claims before it was even launched. From the fact that it will apparently be the most autonomous car the industry to the estimated range, things are definitely looking good. But looks are also important as are the correct dimensions for the car. After all, it may be an electric vehicle but sales will still be driven by design more often than not.

That said, we still don’t know how much of the concept will find its way in the production model. We also don’t know exactly how big it will be or, at least until today we didn’t. Speaking to Automotive News earlier this year, Robert Irlinger, the head of BMW i was quoted saying: “With the iX3, we are going into the compact SUV segment. The i4 is a compact sedan with a coupe-like look. The iNext roughly has the dimensions of an X5.”

There you have it, the first clear mention of a size for the iNext, a size that puts things in perspective. The upcoming EV will be entering X5 territory when it comes out and that also makes sense as it will battle with offerings from Audi and Mercedes-Benz, which are similar in size. As to the details, that still remains a big unknown but it will most likely combine the conservative approach of the iX3 and the futuristic side of the iNext concept.