The BMW i3 is certainly an atypical car, compared to the typical BMW shape and proportions. Normally, the sales trend goes upwards as a new car is launched, reaches a peak after about two or three years and then starts dwindling as the new generation starts development and gets ready for market launch. It’s not the case with the i3 though, as the electric vehicle has seen a steady rise in demand in recent years, mostly due to the technical upgrades it received.

The original 60Ah model was selling in decent numbers, but after the 94Ah model came out, with a 50-percent longer range, things started to really pick up, range anxiety becoming less of an issue. This year BMW announced that the range will go up another 30 percent thanks to yet another update in the battery department, offering an even higher energy density, of 120Ah. The Germans are so confident in their offering that they actually stopped selling the REx model in Europe, one of its biggest markets for the i3.

It may seem atypical but BMW is really confident that the i3 is going to do good, even though it is a 5-year old model. Speaking to Automotive News, Robert Irlinger, the head of BMW i said “We will have to see how demand is for the new 120-amp-hour i3, but I can say that sales of the car will increase significantly this year even though it is 5 years old. And, we expect a further gain next year.” High expectations, indeed.

2019 BMW i3 120Ah in Jucaro Beige Metallic

Truth be told, the i3 was a particular bird from the get go. Its design is still setting it apart in the crowd today while the interior remains up to date thanks to its minimalist look. The materials used inside are still revolutionary today, showing just how much work went into making the i3 from the get go. The two updates done to the battery pack in 5 years are, apparently, all the i3 needed to stay relevant. Sales recorded throughout 2018 show that the Germans were spot on with what needed changing.