My fourth update in my personal story line about the ownership and tuning process of the BMW M2 Competition gives me the chance to touch on the newly developed prototype linkpipe, which I have been testing over the past weeks. The new prototype linkpipe is a replacement piece, which offers the option to replace the midpipe of the stock exhaust system. Customers in Europe will have the option to replace the two standard OPF filters and resonator with Akrapovic’s new titanium linkpipe, which will be available from Spring 2019. All other customers across the globe will be able to replace their standard midpipe, which features two secondary catalytic converters and the mid damper.

The result of the replacement allows for a sound track that can only be described as a lot more sporty and louder than any Slip-On Line titanium muffler would ever offer on its own. The EC-Type approved prototype, Slip-On Line titanium rear muffler was fitted to my car over the previous weeks and I touched on it roughly two weeks ago. The linkpipe increases the volume drastically, elevates the burbles on the overrun to a new sound level and provides the car with an exhaust tune that is louder than the Akrapovic Titanium Evolution Line for the BMW F80 M3/M4. This car uses the same engine set up based around the twin-turbocharged S55 six-in-the-line engine.

To share with you the new exhaust note, I have created a second exhaust tune video without any moving pictures that offers you a clear insight into the tune of the full cat-back system. Just to be clear, the system you hear in the video will have the same set up and character as on any other BMW M2 Competition currently available across the world.

For your information, it is key to mention that the optional linkpipe is not EC-Type approved and only intended for track-use. EU-spec cars require an ECU-tune to disable the OPF back pressure sensors located at the end of the stock downpipes. Non-EU cars shouldn’t require this.

I hope this gives you an insight into the exhaust set up, sound quality and sound level of the Akrapovic exhaust system for the BMW M2 Competition. Be aware this is still a prototype set up, development is still ongoing and hasn’t yet been finished. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to share them in the comment box below or reach out to me via my Instagram channel. My next update will cover my first 10,000 km with the baby ///M and provides some insights into my pro’s and con’s now that I know the M2C a lot better.