Now that the embargo for G20 BMW 3 Series test drives is lifted, many video reviews have just dropped from its press launch in Portugal. Our own Horatiu was in Portugal to test the new 3 Series as well. He was able to drive both the BMW 330i M Sport and the all-new BMW M340i. In this video review, we see him test out the new 330i M Sport on some stunning roads.

In this video, Horatiu goes through the entire car; exterior, interior, driving dynamics and technology. It’s a thorough review that really allows us to get inside the BMW 330i and see how it’s changed/improved over the previous F30-generation car.

As far as looks go, it’s clearly an evolutionary stylish change, rather than a revolutionary one. Having said that, it’s an improvement over the car it replaces. The headlights are a nod to the old E46 3 Series and the design as a whole is sportier and more athletic. As he mentions in the video, it’s considerably wider than the outgoing F30 3er, making it look much more athletic, and that sort of paves the way for the next M3.

Inside, it’s packed with tech and Horatiu talks us through the new iDrive 7 system as well as the new digital instrument panel. There have been some complaints from other enthusiasts that BMW’s new digital instruments are a bit fussy and hard to read. We don’t see that at all here and, in fact, they look quite good and easy to use.

Now we’ve heard a lot about BMW’s new lift-related dampers and new steering system. The new lift-related dampers do a nice job of being both comfortable and secure, achieving a more successful balancing act than we’ve seen from BMW in a long time. As for the steering, the new variable rack has been modified to change more progressively, giving the driver more confidence.

Overall, the new BMW 330i seems to be a big improvement but also a big change from the previous car. It’s something that current 3 Series customers will find very different but we think it’s a different that they will like.