A few months back, Doug DeMuro showed us the interesting “quirks and features” of the Rolls Royce Cullinan. However, it was a pre-production model and he wasn’t allowed to drive it. Now, DeMuro gets into a Cullinan that he’s actually allowed to drive, plus one that’s a different spec, and gives us some more quirks and features.

Actually, I’m glad he re-did the Cullinan for the backseat specifically. The first one he looked at had the regular three-seat bench seat in the back. This one, though, has the fancier back seat, with only two seats and a massive center console. It also gets the glass partition that separates the backseat from the trunk, so rear passengers don’t have to share the same physical space as something as plebeian as luggage.

Also, it allows rear passengers to not have to brace the elements if the trunk is open. So if it’s cold outside and Clive, your driver/butler, has to get your genuine ivory-trimmed pen out of your bag in the trunk, you won’t have to actually experience the weather. How much is that back seat option? Over $17,000.

Another interesting bit about this specific Rolls Royce Cullinan is its interior color. According to DeMuro, it’s called Charles Blue and it’s an incredibly light shade of blue but it looks fantastic. All car journalists are sick of the typical black, tan, brown and grey interiors, so seeing that light blue is really refreshing. It also looks great in contrast to that gorgeous wood trim. If there was a complaint with this Cullinan it’s that its exterior color is boring relative to its interior color.

The Rolls Royce Cullinan is a fascinating car because it’s literally just opulence taken to its most extreme. So it’s worth checking out this video to see just how far Rolls Royce takes luxury, far beyond what any other manufacturer does.