The BMW M5 has been beating the Mercedes-AMG E63 S in a variety of tests ever since it first came out. Even in the traditional straight line drag race, the less powerful M5 managed to outsprint the E63 S in a number of tests. Now that the M5 Competition is here, it’s time to have the two face off in a new set of tests, because the Competition model is actually the one to pit against the S version of the E63.

The guys from Drive in Australia are among the first to have the two at the same time and provide an educated guess as to which is the best. Their comparison somehow includes the Audi RS5 too, for some reason, even though it’s pretty obvious the Ingolstadt machine is pretty much out of its league here, both literally and figuratively. The RS5 is more of a rival for the M4 and C63 AMG, no matter what the reviewers say.

Claiming this is a test of cars priced over AUD60,000 doesn’t cut it either as that means basically nothing here. The RS5 is well over AUD100,000 while the M5 and Merc are well over twice as expensive. Nothing can be used as an excuse for pitting the two V8-powered brutes against the less powerful, V6-powered Audi here. Even if we take into account the fact that the RS5 is considerably lighter, it still can’t keep up.

In the end, the Audi ends up in third place, the Mercedes-AMG E63 S second while the M5 Competition wins this comparison. The three are really close in the judges’ opinions though and it’s truly a shame that we don’t get to see a proper drag race between them or a time-attack video with the three going round a track.