The BMW X6 M is one of the upcoming Bavarians that enthusiasts are most excited about. Despite the X6 M sort of being everything that BMW enthusiasts should hate, on paper at least, as it’s a huge, unnecessary, overpowered, all-wheel drive brute. By the numbers, the X6 M is sort of the antithesis of BMW. However, it oozes a brutish character that’s so endearing that none of that matters. So seeing the new one doing some testing at the ‘Ring is very exciting.

Seen here in this new spy video from Automotive Mike, the BMW X6 M is doing some test laps while wearing heavy camouflage. Due to that camo, it’s hard to make out many visual details but we can get the gist of it. It’s obviously based on the new BMW X5 but with a coupe-like rear end. IT also gets a little decklid rear spoiler, huge wheels and quad exhausts, the latter being an M car staple.

What’s impressive is how fast it seems. The BMW X6 M is likely to get the same 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 from the new M5, making 600 hp at least. So we know it’s going to be fast in a straight line. However, it even looks pretty quick through corners.

Standard G06 BMW X6

Grip seems immense, as the body looks like it heaves a bit through faster corners (as nothing can defy the physics of trying to make something very heavy drive very fast). So the fact that it can cling its massive rubber into the tarmac with all of that weight heaving around is impressive. And, of course, it powers out of corner exit with shocking speed for such a big car.

The BMW X6 M likely won’t be as fun or thrilling to drive as the M5 but it might be even more hilarious, due to its extra size and character.