SPIED: BMW X6 M Caught Testing Again

BMW X6 M, News | September 27th, 2018 by 9
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Now that our own Horatiu has had the chance to drive the new G05-generation BMW X5, we can safely say that BMW is killing it with SUVs as of late. The new BMW X3 is superb and, in my humble opinion, even better to drive than the current 3 Series, and the X4 is even sportier still. And now we know that the new X5 is a superb all-around SUV. Which makes these new spy photos of the BMW X6 M even more exciting. (We Do Not Own these photos but they can be seen here)

The new BMW X5 is a very handsome SUV, indeed. It’s even better looking than its rival from Mercedes-Benz, an impressive feat for the X5. This new BMW X6 M isn’t so much handsome as it is angry. Its massive grilles and sharp headlights make it look furious at the road ahead of it, road that it will eventually demolish. Its face might not be much different from that of the X5, but the rest of the car makes that face look much more aggressive.

BMW G06 X6 spy shots 12 830x528

Standard BMW X6

We also see it wearing very large black wheels that make it look very sporty. I like the look of these wheels much more than the wheels available on the current BMW X6 M. They are also wrapped in very fat, aggressive Pirelli P Zero tires. Out back, four exhausts stick out of its rear bumper, proving that it is, indeed, a M Division product.

Under its hood, the BMW X6 M will likely pack the same 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 as the F90 BMW M5, which will make around 600 hp. That’s not too much more than the previous X6 M but, much like the M5, it will be more than enough to add some serious performance. We can’t wait to see what the M5’s engine can do in an X6.

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9 responses to “SPIED: BMW X6 M Caught Testing Again”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    this is going to be my fav bmw when its out looks like a BEAST man and thats with the camo on imagine it without the camo :D

  2. Chris Ford says:

    Don’t ever buy a BMW X6. They have put defective motors onto the marketplace and won’t stand behind them. I have an X6 with an N63 engine (that is the subject of a class action) with 50,000 that is leaking oil into the catalytic converter, air sensors and O2 sensors. The leak caused exhaust fumes to come into the car so badly that I almost passed out from the fumes. The dealership couldn’t fix the problem – they just strung me along, and after spending thousands of dollars I had to go to an independent mechanic to make the car drivable. Because it is out of warranty, BMW NA refuses to take any responsibility for its defective productive. Do yourself a favor, find an alternative.

    • disqus_UXwmQQUZi0 says:

      Unfortunately, any mass production can be @ risk. Knew a dude who had 6 recalls on his Altima – it made the papers long ago that the catalytic converters were imploding & taking out the engines. BMW have had problems in the past with parts suppliers (335i fuel pump & everyone got dinged by airbags), sometimes it’s varying gas quality in export markets that causes the problem. Assume the N63 is not only in X6?

      • Chris Ford says:

        Yes, I believe the engine is in 5, 6 and 7 Series models. To me it’s more than just the defective product. It also is dealer malfeasance and the manufacturer’s unwillingness to deal with customer concerns. Up until now I have been loyal to the brand (I’ve had 4). They’ve lost me.

        • disqus_UXwmQQUZi0 says:

          Batteries in trunks have caused many problems also, if they’re not sealed properly, there goes your electrics. Saw one dissatisfied owner tow his Z4 into the dealer & abandon it – not just electrics but thousands of dollars in leather, accessories, etc.

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