Most BMW fans are very excited about the new G05 BMW X5. While the X5 is not something enthusiasts typically get excited about, being that it’s a big ole luxury SUV, this new one is quite possibly the best, most well rounded SUV the brand has ever made. Plus, it looks fantastic and boasts a fantastic interior. For those enthusiasts that do want a bit of extra aggression from their family car, though, BMW has them covered with new M Performance Parts.

While most of these M Performance Parts are pretty similar in theme to most other cars’ parts from the same catalog, the new BMW X5 gets some M Performance firsts. For instance, it not gets a set of rugged wheels with all-terrain tires. BMW seems to really be pushing the fact that the X5 can handle itself a bit off road. It’s still never going to be a Land Rover, as there’s no low-range transfer case, nor are there any locking differentials, but it’s far more capable than it needs to be, considering that 99-percent of X5s will never leave pavement.

Still, these off-road M Performance parts make the BMW X5 look really cool and they’re actually quite refreshing. We never really get to see rugged BMWs, as being rugged not really what the brand is about. So seeing an X5 with knobby, grabby (pun intended) General Grabber tires over tough looking black wheels is pretty cool, if you as me.

The rest of the M Performance Parts for the BMW X5 are pretty standard stuff. Carbon fiber aero kits, mirror caps, a rear diffuser and an Alcantara/leather-wrapped steering wheel with carbon trim are all available for the new X5.

Completely done up, as it is in these photos, the new X5 looks pretty awesome. I’d love to tackle a muddy road in that mean looking machine.