The BMW M3 currently in production is using one of the least appreciated M-developed engines. The S55 mill was never loved by the hardcore enthusiasts like the other mills that came before. Maybe the forced induction was to blame or maybe it was something else but the 3-liter ‘heart’ of the M3 is an outstanding engine that should get more credit. People have been tuning it to incredible levels of power and today we’re taking a look at one that claims to have 1,000 HP under its belt.

The car in the footage below started life as your ordinary, run of the mill Alpine White M3. The owner, however, must’ve had an unscratched itch and decided that the only way to reach it is to make sure his back is completely squeezed up against the driver’s seat. Therefore, he decided the 425 HP of the stock mill weren’t nearly enough and set out to upgrade his M3. In the end, he reached over 1,000 WHP on the dyno, as the video below claims (at the 0:32 mark).

The car also seems to have gained some Hoosier racing slicks which give it a rather interesting stance to begin with. Needless to say that with that much power going to the rear axle, the Hoosier tires can be turned into smoke without batting an eye but that’s not the point. The point is to make it down the drag strip as fast as possible and that’s exactly what happens here. It’s quite peculiar to see an M3 dominate a race track like that, since it’s more fun to drive it on the track, but we’ll take it anyway.

The car manages to post a 9.82-second run which is pretty impressive. The owner claimed that the DCT clutches started heating up to dangerous temperatures otherwise the run would’ve been even better. There’s no word on whether this monster is running stock internals or not but my guess would be that some changes have been done, at least to the gearbox if not inside the cylinders. The new turbo setup is also quite impressive and… large, as it required a cutout in the hood to make sure everything fits. In the end, this is a pretty brutal build and the times it can post are definitely nothing to scoff at.