Rolls-Royce flew some of its first Cullinan models out to Jackson, Wyoming to offer journalists from around the world a chance to experience it on some rougher roads than any other Rolls-Royce ever experienced. We were there as well and we’ll be bringing you our own take on the Rolls-Royce of SUVs soon, but until then some other people beat us to the punch, such as the guys from Carfection.

They have already published a first video review on their Youtube channel and it does offer insight into how the Cullinan is different from anything else on the road. That includes the Phantom. The Rolls engineers made it their purposes to give the Cullinan its own identity while also preserving the special status the Phantom has in the company’s line-up.

According to what the Carfection people are saying, the Phantom is still in a league of its own and that’s the right choice from Rolls-Royce by the way. The Cullinan feels more rugged, more SUV-like and it truly lives up to its ‘high-riding vehicle’ status, giving you the feeling that you can basically conquer every surface you’d like to, without having to worry about it in the very least. That makes the Cullinan feel different than any other SUV on the market and there are some pretty big names out there.

Off the beaten path the Cullinan deals with obstacles effortlessly. It’s no rock crawler, of course, but it’s not supposed to be either. It will deal with the mild-offroading owners might throw at it from time to time without breaking a sweat and that’s what they will expect from it too.

For more about the Cullinan you might want to check out the full video posted below.