If you’re still one of the people keeping your fingers crossed that BMW will eventually offer a Z4 Coupe model, officials from Munich are teasing you once again. Even though everyone was apparently on the same page when the Z4 came out and not one of the high wigs in Munich even considered of fueling rumors about a possible Z4 Coupe, things are starting to turn around. In a recent interview with Australian magazine Motoring, BMW development chief Klaus Frohlich said there have been sketches of such a model done but no decision has been made.

It would seem like BMW just likes to tease its fans these days. A BMW Z4 Coupe would be welcome by most enthusiasts, even though the math on it wouldn’t make sense. This would be a car for an extremely small niche from the get go and chances are BMW would end up losing money for every model sold if it ever came to life. As a matter of fact, before deciding on the body type for the Z4, BMW did its homework and realized that the niche for the Coupe is about six times smaller than the one for the Roadster and the decision was rather easy to be made afterwards.

Nevertheless, Adrian van Hooydonk, BMW’s chief of design, did apparently sketch a Coupe model too, to see how it turn out, according to Frohlich: “Adrian has shown me a coupe roof outline and roof lines but we already have two coupes in this price segment. But never say never. This [coupe] segment is shrinking and a lot of people have failures. But we have sexy cars and perhaps we can conquer and then the segment is bigger and then we can investigate.”

That’s an open door for the Z4 Coupe if we’ve ever seen one. Don’t get your hopes up just yet though because, in the end, even though officials might want to make one, it still has to make sense financially and that’s simply something that doesn’t depend on them.