There are certain BMW M cars throughout the brand’s history that fans adore but never got enough attention from BMW to bring out their true potential. For instance, the E86 BMW Z4 M Coupe was an awesome car, one that managed to blend speed, performance, dynamics and pure chassis communication into a good looking package. Though, BMW never really gave it any special or hardcore treatment. So this one owner decided to do just that and make an E86 BMW Z4 M Coupe GTS of his own.

As you can see, this BMW Z4 M Coupe GTS has been designed for track duty. It features a lowered suspension, new HRE wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, a vented hood, a massive rear wing and a manually-adjustable front splitter. It looks really good and like it’d be a blast to flog on a race track.

Under the hood, its standard S54 engine has been stroked to 3.4 liters and hooked up with a carbon fiber intake manifold and valve cover. That extra weight savings over the front end is put back with additional strut-tower bracing but it should be very rigid and very direct up front.

The BMW Z4 M Coupe was already an incredibly fun car to drive, with a short wheelbase, great balance and superb steering. These upgrades should only make it even better on track and make it more of a blast to drive. We don’t know how well it will do as a daily, but it should be tons of fun to hoon. It also looks the business, looking like it could have come straight from BMW’s Motorsport Division over a decade ago. Maybe the hood is a little much but the rest of the car looks positively badass. Why didn’t BMW do something like this back in the day?

[Source: MCast2016]