If you want a classic BMW, the BMW 635CSi is a good choice. It looks great, has a superb inline-six engine and is comfortable enough to drive it everyday. However, we’d reckon that something even better would be this BMW 635CSi Group A Touring Car, which is currently for sale and which Top Gear recently drove.

BMW raced the 635CSi in Group A Touring races back in the ’80s and it used a 3.5 liter inline-six engine that was partially designed by ALPINA. This particular car was bought and raced by an Italian racer named Giuseppe Briozzo. It then spent some time as a hill-climb car, making it even cooler than it originally was. After its time racing, it’s now been restored by Geoff Steel Motorsports, who completely restored it down to the very last detail, even down to specific sponsorships on its livery.

Top Gear recently had the chance to drive this very specific car and it sounds awesome. It’s raw and raucous like a racing car should be. Its steering is very heavy but also very sharp and direct. Its throttle is said to be razor sharp, even if it doesn’t have tons of power. Still, it’s pretty quick, thanks to its 300 hp and lightweight, stripped-out body.

It is expensive, though. At £375,000 (about $493,000), it’s more money than the absolutely brutally fast and high-tech Porsche 911 GT2 RS Weissach Package. Still, TG feels, and so do we, that this 635CSi could be even more fun than many modern track-specific supercars. Due to the fact that it’s only moderately powerful, you have more time to actually enjoy yourself more in the car and actually enjoy the sensations of the car itself. Rather than having to worry about braking points and apexes to an extreme, so you don’t kill yourself, as you would in something like the GT2.

So if you have the moneys, this BMW 635CSi Group A Touring Car could be an awesome addition to your collection and something you can actually flog on track whenever you want.

[Source: Top Gear]