1988 BMW 635CSi in great shape spotted at car show looking retrolicious

BMW M635 Csi 00 830x553

Sean Connery’s BMW 635CSi is Going Up for Auction

BMW has a surprisingly good history with the James Bond franchise, having had several cars in Bond films. However, all of those Bond films featured Pierce Brosnan as the titular character, the sixth actor to…

M635CSi bmw 750x500

Check out this BMW M88-powered 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300E

Despite being rivals, BMW and Mercedes-Benz have always played nice with each other. The two brands have even collaborated on certain projects before, putting the greater good over their business rivalry. However, they’ve never actually…

Top Gear drives BMW 635CSi Group A Touring car

If you want a classic BMW, the BMW 635CSi is a good choice. It looks great, has a superb inline-six engine and is comfortable enough to drive it everyday. However, we’d reckon that something even…