The guys from Traveler’s Tales are old friends of ours, dedicated to filming some of the best driving roads in the world and the vistas they unveil if you dare drive on them. Earlier this year we saw them visit some of Scotland’s very finest aboard a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and going around Romania’s best driving roads aboard a BMW X6 M50d. Now, the couple took a road trip all over Southern Portugal aboard a BMW X3.

This time, they marked a couple of premieres as well though. For example, this was the first official filming with a drone over the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, an attempt that required collaboration with a number of Portuguese authorities, but which was worth it in the end, as the shots you’re about to see are absolutely breathtaking. During their endeavors, the two travelers had a BMW X3 xDrive20d at their disposal, not only to help them conquer some rather rough patches or road but also to find shelter from the record temperatures Portugal saw this summer.

“The road trip is best for discovering a country in more engaging way. You can set your own pace, get to locations fast or not rush things at all. You are able to stop whenever you see a scenery you’d like to explore or an experience you might want to have. This adds quality to the time you’re spending – no longer you simply jump from one landmark to another, you start enjoying the journey itself, meet locals and other travelers, eat food that wasn’t meant for regular tourists and absorb authenticity”, explain Stanly & Katya, the travel duo behind the “Traveller’s tales” project.

After doing about 2,500 km (1,500 miles) and visiting the most beautiful sights in Portugal, the clip posted below is what the guys put together to showcase exactly what the European country has to offer. From the buzzing streets of the country’s capitol to capturing the Netherlands Youth String Orchestra performing at Lisbon Music Fest inside the Batalha monastery, their take on Portugal is definitely a unique one.