The BMW M5 Competition and the Dodge Demon don’t really appeal to the same crowd. They have almost completely different demographics in mind and yet, if one has over $100,000 to spend on a fast car, both cars can be had. But that’s about as far as the similarities go, as the M5 and the Dodge don’t really have anything else in common. And yet, the guys from Throttle House decided to pit the two against each other in a couple of challenges.

From the get go you can probably guess the outcome of some of these challenges before even looking at the video below and yes, they are correct estimates. The BMW M5 Competition wins every single drag race from standstill due to its superior traction. It may be down on power with its 625 HP compared to the Demon but its all-wheel drive system allows the M5 to use all of it, compared to the Dodge that lights its tires up at launch.

From a roll, the Dodge wins it because it has over 200 HP more than the BMW. That’s also understandable, as if you take away the advantage of superior traction, the numbers do the talking, that supercharged 6.2-liter V8 being not joke. The trouble is, the Demon was set up to be a drag racing king and that’s about all it can do as the guys show in the last part of the video. The owner of the car wanted to show how the car handles itself on the track and the results are not great.

The Dodge comes with smaller bushings, sway bars and brakes, to make the car as light as possible. All these shortcomings become rather obvious on the track, where the M5 blew the Demon away, as expected. The difference was about 6 seconds between them which is a lot on a track like that. In the end though, both guys chose the Dodge over the M5 due to its ridiculousness, if you can believe it.