One of the main criticisms thrown at the Tesla Model 3 has been the brand’s inability to make them quick enough, with the level of build quality and/or quality control customers expect at that price. However, Tesla seems to have improved its production, as it’s not able to build more and build them with better quality. So much so that the Model 3 may have outsold all of BMW’s cars in August.

If you include SUVs, BMW still sold a lot more vehicles than Tesla but the Model 3 isn’t an SUV so if you just compare its sales with all of BMW’s cars, the Tesla could have sold more. I must stress that it might have sold more than BMW’s cars because, well, no one knows for sure. Except for Tesla, of course.

Tesla being Tesla, it doesn’t release official sales figures for any of its cars because, you know, Musk. There are a few sites that report Tesla’s sales but they all have different figures. One site claims it sold 20,000 Model 3s in August, while some other sites claim around 17,000. Bloomberg is claiming that Tesla is making about 4,700 (18,800/month) Model 3s a week, which is probably the most reliable source of info. Either way, those are figures that are more than the 14,450 BMW cars sold in the U.S. in August.

Admittedly, BMW’s biggest seller, the 3 Series sedan, is not going to be selling as much these next few months because a new one is one its way. So a lot of customers will be waiting for the next-gen G20 3 Series before pulling the trigger.

Still, it’s impressive to see Tesla building more Model 3s. It’s not building them at a rate of a major production company and that’s encouraging to see. It’s like seeing an infant crawl for the first time. “Yay, Tesla!”

[Source: Autoblog]