BMW has been teasing its Vision iNEXT Concept car for the last few days in a row. Each day has had a new teaser photo and/or video of the upcoming Concept car. No official date has been given for its official reveal but expect it to be soon, being that all of the press releases say “Coming Soon”. In this latest teaser, the BMW Vision iNEXT gets its Roundels.

There are two photos to go along with this teaser, one of each Roundel being placed on the car, both front and back. But that’s not really what we’re being shown, as each photo gives us some more details of the upcoming concept car.

At the front, right underneath where the Roundel is being secured, we can see that the Kidney Grilles are filled in with black plastic, rather than the traditional vertical slats, and features little opposing-arrow graphics in that sea of black.

Out back, as the other Roundel gets fixed to the rear, we notice something even more important — the BMW Vision iNEXT is an SUV of sorts. While it might not be a fully-fledged SUV, as it seems quite small, it seems to be some sort of crossover due to the fact that it sports a hatchback tailgate. It wasn’t really obvious in the previous teaser photos that Vision iNEXT was some sort of crossover/SUV but this new photo cements the fact.

Aside from the fact that this will be an all-electric SUV with some typical i Division design elements, we don’t know much about the BMW Vision iNEXT. We do know that we’re close to getting the scoop on it, though, and we could see it as early as the Paris Motor Show in October. It could be officially revealed ahead of Paris, but expect its worldwide live debut to be in France’s capitol.