We’ve been updating you on Tyler Hoovie’s Rolls Royce Phantom, which was the cheapest one sold in America at the time he bought it. We’ve been keeping tabs on his videos because it’s genuinely interesting to see what sorts of difficulties arise from owning a very used, not very well kept Rolls Royce Phantom from over a decade ago. In his last video, he listed many of the issues with his Phantom and in this latest one he fixes some of them.

One of the main issues was with his windows. Both front window regulators were on the fritz but he wasn’t planning on replacing them as they cost $1,300 each. So he found someone in Arizona that will rebuild them for $500 each. In this video they take them out to send them out but it’s interesting to see the door panel come off, as it’s covered in leather and wood and is probably the most sturdy door panel ever made.

They also check out the tire situation. The special Michelin run-flats on the Rolls Royce Phantom VII aren’t made anymore and, because the wheel can only take those tires, that means he has to buy new wheels. They are not cheap, so we mourn Hoovie’s wallet.

Thankfully, it ends on a positive note, as the disgustingly-applied hood and grille wrap was able to come off cleanly. Hoovie was worried that the previous owner had applied the wrap because something had happened to the hood’s paint and they were covering it up. Turns out that wasn’t the case, the hood was in perfect condition. Plus, the grille, which was wrapped to match the brushed aluminum look of the hood, looks so much better in its original chrome.

Another positive note, the engine’s misfire was diagnosed as a bad coil pack in cylinder 5. Turns out the Phantom uses the same coil packs as a BMW 3 Series and it only cost $25. So, especially when considering replacing a coil pack takes all of five minutes, Hoovie lucked out.

While we’d all like to own a Rolls Royce Phantom, these videos make it very clear that very few people would like to own a highly used, slightly abused one.