By now, you’ve probably seen YouTuber Tyler Hoovie’s Rolls Royce Phantom. If you haven’t, he isn’t some sort of Oil Sheik or tech-billionaire. Hoovie’s Phantom is not the new one, nor did he buy it brand-new. Instead, he bought the cheapest Rolls Royce Phantom in America, which still happened to be over $80,000. Needless to say, that’s a horrid financial decision and it’s something we would high recommend you never consider. However, it makes for fun YouTube videos, which is why he did it.

In this most recent video, Hoovie gives us an update on his budget Rolls Royce Phantom to tell us what he likes about it. And also what he doesn’t like so much.

For instance, he does like the interior quite a bit. The woodwork, leather quality and overall refinement of the interior make it extraordinary. It’s also great looking, looks similar to the brand-new one and attracts a lot of attention. However, that attention can get quite old quite quickly and, despite its mostly superb interior, it has a lot of finicky electronic bits from an era of BMW electronics that just weren’t very good. Thankfully, the iDrive system can be hidden away, as can the iDrive controller, so you can pretend it doesn’t exist.

There are some issues, though. For instance, the trim around the hood wrap has some horrendous glue visible, ruining an otherwise opulent design and there’s been an issue with the title. Apparently, the original owner died a few years ago and his daughter had a dealer sell the car. Turns out, there was a bit of a dispute between the seller and the daughter and she never gave up the title. So despite the Rolls exchanging hands a few times, she still has the original title and it’s a bit confusing. This is why you don’t buy pre-owned, high-end luxury cars. Oh, and his check engine light came on at the end of the video. Ouch.