Next generation G20 BMW 3 Series to be about 55 kg (121 lbs) lighter

3 Series | August 13th, 2018 by 13
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The new BMW G20 3 Series will be unveiled this fall at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, but over the last few months we’ve seen …

The new BMW G20 3 Series will be unveiled this fall at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, but over the last few months we’ve seen several prototypes and lots of information being leaked to the press. The latest info we’ve received in regards to the G20 3 Series concerns the weight of the vehicle, always an important metric in the development of a new and dynamic sports car. According to a source, despite some great tech additions to the G20, the comparable weight to the outgoing F30 3 Series is 55 kg lower or about 121 lbs.

Being built on the new, flexible and lighter CLAR platform, the G20 3er was always expected to shed some weight in order to increase its driving dynamics and handling. The 3 Series has always been the benchmark in the segment when it comes to agility and driving experience, and apparently BMW has tried to once again deliver on the promise of the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

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While no other details are available at the moment, we do expect to learn more this week as the embargo for 3 Series pre-drives is being lifted. The first press reviews will not only focus on the latest iteration of the test mules, but will also follow the development process of the G20, which will give us more insight on what went on behind the scenes.

The top model of the new 3 Series family is the M340i which is powered by a new iteration of the B58 3-liter straight six engine. Our sources talk about over 380 HP and, the best bit of news is that, in the US it will be available in both xDrive and RWD guises. That’s a first for M Performance models which are traditionally only offered in all-wheel drive guise. Other engine choices include the usual 2-liter diesel mills which will be quite popular in Europe as well as the new 330e which will have the same 250 HP and more range. A more powerful gasoline four-cylinder unit is also on the table. All new 3 Series G20 models will be mild hybrids, using 48V electrical systems.

SPIED: BMW X7 and G20 3 Series caught testing in new videos

Inside the cabin you can expect a big improvement in order to keep up with the competition. Ambient lighting, a new design similar to what we’ve seen on the 8 Series and the same instrument cluster will make the 3 Series a bold proposition from BMW. The cars will also get laser lights as an option with LED headlamps being the standard offering. Another big thing will be the enhanced autonomous driving systems which will be class leading while for those who prefer to drive themselves, a special diff (LSD) will be offered as an optional feature.

The market launch should happen this autumn as the F30 is going out of production in October and the G20 starts in November.

13 responses to “Next generation G20 BMW 3 Series to be about 55 kg (121 lbs) lighter”

  1. Kaisuke971 says:

    That’s good news, the F30 is already fairly light compared to the rest of the market so 55kg less ? Better economy, beter handling, better acceleration…

    • disqus_gMkqrHMwOa says:

      Just one of the benefits of CLAR.

    • Peter DS says:

      So it’s 55kg lighter in basic trim and then they start adding heavy options, like full electric seats, high powered sound systems, etc.

      • Kaisuke971 says:

        And then the model with options would also be lighter than the outgoing version with options… That’s how it works. It’s up to 55kg lighter for a comparably optioned car.

        • Bellisarius says:

          2014 M Performance I shaved 52 lbs by going from 20″ BMW wheel to Ray’s 19″ 235/275 tyres. i also shaved 7.5 kgs per rotor, 33 lbs front by going to 370×30 mm custom carbon ceramic wheels with new 3d woven tech, so 85lbs unsprung weight removed or the equivalent 42- lbs less, and 0.2-0.3 seconds faster 0-60, around 4 s if it matters. In the end what truly matters is the handling, steering feel, and not power. I found myself rarely if ever pushing the throttle anywhere outside a track like situation. So 380 Hp is pointless as I have yet to use 340-360 on streel legal limit. Which renders handling feel the most important thing for these cars as DD’s.

  2. Lok Man Wong says:

    Didn’t you guys said you test drove it? How was it?

  3. Luke says:

    Gotta be honest, the more I learn about the G20 the less excited I am about it. Not sure why you guys keep praising the exterior design when BMW is basically just cribbing from MB’s playbook and making the 3 a mini 5. That strategy worked.for MB because their S class looks like a million bucks whereas the 5/7 series look… only kind of ok? The F30 at least looked like the most sporty of the big 3 and if all they did is make G20 look like a small 5 series then they’re already a leg down on looks, which may be even more problematic when MB redesign their C in a few years. Ditto for interior.

    I’m sure the G20 will have better performance and specs but that is to be expected. In this segment, people buy cars based on emotions. From the average consumer’s perspective nobody will care what platform it’s on and how it’s 50kg lighter than before. If it doesn’t deliver C class killing looks inside and out it’s not going to win back the sales.

    – from an F31 owner who is a swing vote when it comes to the big German 3

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