For many BMW enthusiasts, the upcoming G20 BMW 3 Series is the most exciting car in the Bavarian pipeline. That’s because it’s the brand’s bread and butter, the car most enthusiasts are actually going to buy. It’s the affordable BMW sport sedan, for those who can’t step up to the M3, of which there are many. So the fact that some new spy photos have been released will surely excite the fanbase. (We don’t own the photos but see them here)

The car in question is a 3 Series plug-in hybrid of some sort. We don’t know if it will be called a BMW 330e but we’re assuming so, as it will likely have a similar powertrain setup. So it will most likely get a 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, we assume some newly-tuned B48 unit, with an electric motor and some batteries.


We can tell that this is a plug-in hybrid 3 Series due to two things: one is the “Electric Test Vehicle” signs that sit on top of the camouflage. That’s sort of a dead giveaway. But we can also tell that it’s a hybrid and not a purely electric 3 Series (which is something that will be coming) by its dual exhausts at the back. So this car has an internal combustion engine in there somewhere.

Aside from its hybrid bits, though, we’re excited about these spy photos. The new G20-gen 3 Series looks to be a handsome replacement for the current F30 3er. Its headlights seem smoother, the signature Kidney Grilles look more cohesively blended into said headlights and it just looks a little bit more premium than the outgoing car. Its slim taillights also look better than the current car’s.


While we weren’t able to attend, there were some pre-production test drives of the new 3 Series a little while back, which seems to be a regular thing for BMW lately. Those pre-pro test drives will be coming out soon, as the embargo should be lifting next week. So if you’re as excited about the 3 Series as we are, stay tuned as we will have as much info as we can provide.

[Source: Motor1]