It’s a universally terrible idea to buy a used, very cheap Rolls Royce Phantom, especially so when you take out a big loan on one. However, Tyler Hoovie did just that for your entertainment and because he’s a madman. Now, he went into buying the cheapest possible Phantom in America knowing full well that it would be a massive headache. However, it’s almost cringe-worthy to learn about all of his Phantom’s issues and how much they’re going to cost.

In this new video, that’s exactly what we learn, as Hoovie goes through the list of problems his Phantom has as well as how much they can potentially cost. After seeing the video, I actually felt bad for him. That didn’t last long, though. He knew what sort of mechanical issues it would have, such as failing air suspension and a wonky iDrive system.

However, I did feel bad for the Rolls. Whoever owned the car prior to Hoovie really mistreated it. And seeing a bespoke, hand-built luxury car from Rolls Royce treated so poorly actually hurts my soul. For instance, someone wrapped the hood in a brushed aluminum look, to mirror the look of more modern Rollers. If that wasn’t bad enough, whoever did it did a crap job putting the trim pieces back on. So one of them has some pretty obvious Gorilla Glue holding it on and the other is corroding quite badly. It would look shoddy on a Chevy Cavalier, never mind a gorgeous, exclusive and ultra-premium Rolls Royce Phantom.

It also has an issue where the laminate on the rear window and driver’s side mirror seems to be peeling off. Honestly, we feel like those are issues with how the car was kept and maintained, as we’ve seen older Rolls with far more mileage than Hoovie’s in much better condition. If not, though, that’s unacceptable on a car that used to cost more than the average American home.

All in all, though, it’s pretty entertaining to watch someone else go through these struggles and not have to ourselves.