Not long ago Colin Furdze, the Youtuber, joined forces with BMW and introduced us to a different kind of hot tub. This one had four wheels and could be driven around town. The collaboration between the two only got better as Colin was recently flown to Las Vegas to meet some other creative people. Chris Willet, the president of Sin City BMW is probably one of the most creative BMW enthusiasts in the world and he introduced Colin to a different kind of X2.

The one we’re talking about here was born by crossing an 02 Series with a BMW E30 325ix. The entire powertrain and transmission, were taken straight off the E30 while the 02 Series provided the bodywork. In the end the guys ended up with a proper offroader which they then took to the dunes near Sin City. What came next was an impromptu session of madness, with Colin being towed by Chris while ‘surfing’ on sand.

This crazy contraption was apparently done by the guys from Sin City BMW as a side project and came life to be because Chris wasn’t in the mood to wax and wash his mint 2002 which you can also see in the video below. As Chris puts it: “When I had just moved to Vegas there was an exhibition coming up at the BMW club. They knew I had just freshly restaured a BMW 2002. Beautiful thing. So they wanted me take it to this car show, but I didn’t feel like washing and waxing it that night. Since I had another 2002 that barely ran, I decided to make something new.”

Isn’t that how all success stories start? The car was also done in record time: “We started working at 6 in the evening and around noon the next day we were done.” That speed comes with some drawbacks, as the car they came up with didn’t steer all that great. Therefore, what we’re looking at in the video below is the second version of the X2.