Colin Furze is a rather well known celebrity on Youtube. If you’re a car guy and haven’t heard of him yet, that’s fine as his videos don’t usually revolve around cars, even though he does film a lot in his garage. Instead, our good man builds all kinds of crazy contraption which he then puts to the test. From reclining beds to flame throwers, he’s got it all. This time round, BMW paid him a visit, to check out the 1989 BMW 325i Convertible he turned into a spa car.

So what exactly is a spa car? According to Colin, a ride in the spa car feels like driving a boat – just not on water. “You’ve got to drive rather careful, because the car not only accelerates slower but needs a longer distance to stop due to the extra weight.” Around 150 to 200 liters of water fit into the car, which takes Colin 40 minutes to fill. The water drains via two pipes – one on each side of the car’s underbody – that are camouflaged as exhaust pipes.

It took Colin only four weeks to build what is probably the only rolling BMW Jacuzzi in the world. And the way the 1989 BMW 325i Convertible looks right now absolutely satisfies the English inventor: “To be fair, it’s an awesome machine!”. It has grass on the sides and when filled up it doubles as a hot tub. In order to make sure nobody in the car got electrocuted, Colin made sure to move all the electric bits under the hood.

Therefore, the ignition is now located next to the windshield wipers and while that may seem surprising, it’s nothing compared to the car’s door seals. According to Colin, he didn’t have to change the seals to make sure the water didn’t get out. They were so good even after nearly 30 years that he just kept them on. More interesting details are unveiled in the short video posted below, for what is definitely one of the craziest projects involving an E30 325i we’ve even seen.