While BMW’s Individual program is available for a wide range of series production cars, there are still a few models that have been excluded, like the 2 Series, M2 Coupe and X- models (with one exception on the X3), including the X3 M40i, X4 M40i and the full-fledged M SUVs. According to BMW, the demand for those models to become part of the BMW Individual Program has been increasing year-over-year, with many requests for special colors coming in for the M2 Coupe.

While at the BMW M2 Competition and M5 Competition media launch in Ascari, Spain, we spoke to Carsten Pries, Head of Product Management, BMW M, regarding the Individual color and trims for the aforementioned models.

“The demand for BMW Individual customization has been constantly increasing and we see lots of customers opting for unique colors, especially on models like the M3 and M4,” Pries told us. “We have also received lots of requests on a BMW Individual program for the 2 Series models and its top offering, the M2 Coupe.”

Pries said that he is pleased to see BMW customers willing to further personalize their cars and explore the vast offerings of the BMW Individual catalog, but the restrictions of the Individual program have to do with the the paint processes setup in the Leipzig and Spartanburg plant.

“The Leipzig and Spartanburg plant have complex processes for the paint job, and currently, those plants are unable to deliver BMW Individual colors without new processes being put in place,” Pries said. “We are, of course, always looking at ways to expand our BMW Individual catalog, and with our colleagues at the plants, we’re going to further explore this topic, but for now, there is no timeline.”

The only BMW M2 model personalized by Individual Manufaktur is the Austin Yellow M2 owned by Michael Fux, the businessman and philanthropist who also owns a wide range of unique Rolls-Royce and BMW cars. This was a special project done in collaboration with Fux and the final price was over $100,000, and it was meant to emphasize the capabilities and offerings of the Individual program.

Whether the new M2 Competition will join the Individual program remains to be seen, but it’s encouraging to see that the M bosses are listening to customers’ feedback and exploring new ideas.