Even though BMW took the veils off the new X5, people interested in buying one still have quite a long time to wait. Deliveries are scheduled to begin towards the end of the year and so are press tests which would allow us to tell you all about how the new SUV drives. In the meantime, we’ll have to make due with all sorts of teasers from BMW, even though the Germans won’t exactly call them that.

For every new model launched, the Bavarians put together a so-called Launch Film, showcasing the new car in different scenarios, meant to emphasize what’s new about it. In this particular clip, the focus is on the world and how it’s turning upside down apparently, and how the X5 excels at being a docile urban cruiser as well as a potent offroader. That’s actually one of the most important upgrades the Sports Activity Vehicle got in G05 guise.

Apparently BMW learned that you can please everyone with a few changes and decided to offer its customers a choice. With the new G05 X5, you can now choose whether you want your ride to be more potent off the beaten path or more sporty on asphalt. That’s why you get to choose your perfect combination, depending on what you need most but you can’t have the best of both worlds. Need to take the kids to school by driving on muddy roads? Get the xLine treatment. Care for some spirited driving on a canyon road? Go for M Sport.

The video below shows both sides and then some. This is not a new thing for BMW Launchfilms. However, the visuals at play here are stunning. Folding, mirrored images make you feel like you’re watching Inception or Dr. Strange, and not a commercial, as you’re about to witness.