This new BMW X5 sports probably the nicest interior of any BMW in a long time. It’s truly fantastic, with a modern design, rich materials and slick technology. However, it isn’t the only SUV in its segment getting an interior overhaul, as the Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is also getting a new model with a new interior and it was just caught testing. So how does it stack up against the BMW X5’s?

It’s hard to see much of the GLE’s interior in this spy video, but we can make out a few details that can help us gauge what it will be like. For instance, the typical Mercedes dual-screen layout is still present but seems a bit more cohesive, more rounded off, rather than looking like a three foot horizontal screen glued to the dashboard. It looks better but we’ll have to actually see it for real, not through rainy windows from a far-away camera, before we can actually make a judgement on that.

Another thing we notice is that, underneath the center infotainment screen, the new GLE sports four square air vents, which is a bit of a departure from Mercedes’ typical circular vents. I’m not quite sure they look as good and they seem a bit unnecessary. Why four little vents so close to on another? That seems excessive. Still, they’re trimmed in what seems to be aluminum and look expensive.

As for the rest of the car, it seems disappointingly bland. It looks too much like the current GLE-Class, which itself is basically just a rebadged old ML-Class, just given a splash of Mercedes’ modern design language. In contrast, the BMW X5 looks significantly more exciting. It has a great shoulder line that accents its wheel arches, an all new face, all new taillights and an interior that seems far more visually interesting than the GLE’s, front what we can see. We’ll obviously wait for the camouflage to come off the Benz before we properly judge it but, as of right now, it seems like the X5 is running away with it.

Which is disappointing, as the more great looking cars on the market, the better. Mercedes has been making some good looking cars as of late and we hope the trend continues. But, from the looks of it, this new GLE-Class seems to be a bit disappointing. With the new BMW X5 looking great and the Volvo XC90 looking stellar, the GLE could be in trouble.