We’ve already seen some new spy photos of the BMW X1 LCI facelift but some new spy photos have emerged (which we don’t own but can be seen here). The BMW X1 is BMW’s cheapest SUV (though not its smallest, that’s the X2) and it’s actually one of its best. I know it sounds odd that a front-wheel drive-based car could be one of BMW’s best anything but it’s true. The X1 is a great little car already. But being German, BMW couldn’t leave well enough alone and it had to mess with it.

In these new photos, there’s really not much we can actually tell. The post-LCI BMW X1 looks really quite similar to the current one. There’s some camouflage on its headlights, front bumper, taillights and rear bumper, but not much seems to be changed. Maybe that’s for the better, as it was already a really handsome looking car.

We’re wondering if it gets any updates on the inside, such as BMW’s new digital instrument panel or latest iDrive system. It’s not yet known if BMW is going to start trickling that stuff down into its lower models, from the BMW 8 Series and X5.

There’s also little to no information on the upcoming facelifted X1. So it’s likely going to get the same engines as every other front-drive BMW. But that’s no bad thing, as they’re already great engines. What we’re really interested in, though, is if BMW makes an M Performance version of the X1. We know we’re already going to see a BMW X2 M35i, so is it possible we could see an X1 M35i? That would be very interesting and exciting. We hope it gets made.

Once this new BMW X1 is launched, though, we’re going to see a an entirely new SUV lineup from BMW. The X1, X2, X3, X4, X5 and X7 will all be brand-new. We haven’t heard anything about the X6 but there’s one likely following behind the X5.

[Source: Motor1]