We recently just took a look at a render of the BMW X4 M and it seemed to look pretty accurate. We’ve already seen, and driven, the new BMW X M40i, so it’s not hard to imagine what a proper M version will look like. Which is what makes us think that the render we saw was quite accurate. Now, though, there’s some spy video of the BMW X4 M testing on the Nurburgring. Unfortunately, it’s heavily wrapped in camouflage.

Despite being wrapped in camo, we can still tell that it’s the real-deal X4 M. At the front, we can see that it has very large lower front air intakes, like all BMW M cars do. Sure, they’re covered up for the most part but we can still mostly make out the shape. It also seems to get the same sort of side mirrors that you’ll find on the new BMW M5, a design cue also featured in the render. That’s a good indicator right there.

The most telling bit, though, is the exhaust design. All M cars feature quad exhaust pipes, with two flanking either side of the rear, and this BMW X4 M test mule has them. Rather than the dual exhaust of the X4 M40i, this car has quad pipes, so it must be the proper M version.

It sounds pretty good too. We’ve heard that it will use an S58 engine, which is version of BMW’s B58 engine that’s been breathed on by BMW’s M Division. So it will still be a 3.0 liter straight-six but it will get an additional turbocharger, making two, and around 450 hp. The standard B58 already sounds better than the S55 engine in the BMW M3/M4 so we’re hoping that the S58 sounds even better. It seems to sound good in this video, though most of the noise is masked by tires screaming in protest.

We’ll see what the BMW X4 M brings probably around next year but for now it looks pretty good.