We just recently test drove the new BMW X4 M40i. It’s a fast, fun and interesting looking SUV that gives us just a taste of what the BMW X4 M might be like. While we won’t find out what it actually will be like until next year, when both the X3 M and X4 M debut, there are some spy photos and renders of the upcoming X4 M and this recent render looks pretty accurate.

Admittedly, it’s not hard to imagine what such a car will look like. BMW doesn’t really stray from its typical design elements, especially when making cars into proper M cars. So when we see this render, it looks pretty typical of what BMW M does to a standard Bavarian.

Up front, it gets large front air intakes but not much else. Aside from the “X4 M” badge on the grille, it would be hard to tell this apart from the X4 M40i. It might gain some added aggression, similar to that of the M2 Competition, but that’s doubtful. Down the side, though, we see BMW M-style mirrors and new wheels. Both of which seem plucked right from the BMW M5.


We can also see a carbon fiber roof. What’s interesting is that it has that pseudo double-bubble roof that’s also featured on the M5, and was also on the M6 Gran Coupe. It’s an odd look for an SUV, to be honest. It looks cool on a car because it gives it the illusion that it has an actual double-bubble roof but, obviously, it doesn’t. However, one wouldn’t need a double-bubble roof on an SUV, as you can already fit a helmet inside of one, given the higher roof line. So seeing one an an SUV is a bit odd.

The BMW X4 M will likely be powered by an S58 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 and make around 450 hp. That would be enough to make it a genuine rocket, as the X4 M40i is already capable of 0-60 mph in the mid four-second range and it makes do with just 355 hp. So add another 100 hp and drop some weight and the BMW X4 M could hit 60 mph in under four seconds. That would make it a very fast SUV and we’re very excited to see what becomes of it.

[Source: BimmerToday]