This technically doesn’t have anything to do with BMW but if you like cars, it’s something that must be seen. The Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo is an astonishing achievement in automotive engineering, capable of almost unbelievable speeds and cornering capabilities. And it just broke a thirty five year old lap record at the Nurburgring. Though, it didn’t just beat it, it demolished it. It almost didn’t seem fare.

The record that stood for so long was that of Stefan Bellof, who ran a 6:11.13 lap time in a Porsche 956c. His record was just broken by Porsche’s Timo Bernhard, who ended up breaking the record on his first lap of the day in the 919 Hybrid Evo. With a flying lap of 5:31.89, Bernhard broke the record with his first lap that wasn’t even at full chat.

After another lap, Bernhard broke his first lap record, recording a 5:24.37 but he felt he could do better with some tweaking to the car. Bernhard felt that the car’s dampers were a bit too bouncy on the main straight, so they were adjusted and Bernhard and the 919 were sent back out. That’s when he set the blistering lap of 5:19.546.

Though, the numbers don’t tell the story. The cockpit video of his lap must be seen to believed. The speeds that the car achieved, and that his body were simply able withstand, are downright remarkable. Bernhard’s lap is nothing short of heroic and he deserves all the medals. Seriously, he’s got brass balls, this guy. I don’t even know how his brain was able to comprehend the speeds, driving lines, braking points, and the other myriad of information racers have to process. It’s astonishing.

If you like cars, it doesn’t matter what brand you’re a fan of, this video must be seen. Plus, it must be seen to believe and, even still, it looks like it’s been fast forwarded.