Every year BMW M hosts a number of events around the world bringing together enthusiasts, owners and fans of the brand, in what they call the BMW M Drive Tour. The movie of what went down at Slovakia Ring this year has just been released and, as usual, it looks absolutely amazing. Two years ago, the footage included even a helicopter but this year it appears as if the flying machine was replaced by a more down-to-earth tractor.

One of the stars of the show was a BMW M2 transformed into an interceptor police car, similar to what you’d find in the virtual world. Everyone took pictures with it because it really is something you don’t see every day. Along the same lines you could spot a BMW M4 dressed up as a Safety Car as well as a BMW M5 in Imola Red, which was hard to ignore. From the BMW M2 to the new BMW M5 to M Performance models, such as the BMW X3 M40i, the entire BMW M fleet was ready for adrenaline-charged test rides on the racing circuit.

As usual, for each driving activity, the drivers were assisted by professional instructors who offered tips and tricks from the sideline. The M-certified instructors supported the guests with a wealth of background knowledge to aid steering, acceleration and braking. Understandably so, as they were tasked with taking these M cars out on Slovakia Ring. The almost six-kilometer race track boasts multiple top-speed straights, seven challenging corners and a nerve-racking chicane, and offered participants the best conditions for the motorsport experience of their lives.

The best part was that the participants had the chance to take out for a spin not only M cars but also V12-powered beasts, like the BMW M760Li. Since most manufacturers are forced to drop V12 engines from their line-ups, this is truly a rare occasion and we should appreciate every chance we get to drive a 6.6-liter V12 with 600 HP. Whether it was the fastest on the track or not, it doesn’t even matter as we’re pretty sure everyone had a great time.