We’re all naturally very excited about the 8 Series reveal. It’s the long-awaited second-generation of one of BMW’s most iconic nameplates. Despite only having one generation prior to this new one, the 8 Series made a lasting impact on the brand, its fans and the industry. So the fact that there’s a new one is very exciting, especially after almost two decades. However, we’ve only seen the coupe and there are two more body styles coming; a Gran Coupe and, what we’re going to talk about today, a convertible.

In this new render, we get to look at what the new 8 Series Convertible will look like. From what our sources tell us, this render is about 90-95 percent accurate and it seems so. In fact, when I first saw the render I thought the 8 Series Convertible had been leaked. I genuinely thought it was the real deal. Alas, it isn’t. Still, it looks damn good.

Personally, I really hope that the final production car looks like this. The way that the convertible versions till retains the coupe’s rear wheel arches and muscular haunches looks great, even sans roof. It’s also one of the most elegant convertibles we’ve recently seen. It has all of the classic sporty ‘vert styling cues and it looks very pretty.

Thankfully, the 8 Series Convertible will be keeping a folding fabric soft-top roof. The 6 Series Convertible also had one and it looks far more elegant and luxurious than a power folding hard-top. Hard-tops look odd and ungainly when up and they’re far too heavy and bulky, ruining both handling and trunk space, respectively. So we’re glad that BMW made the decision to move forward with a soft-top.

Now, it isn’t as pretty as the Coupe, as the fixed-roof’s design is such a huge part of why the 8 Series Coupe is so pretty. However, imagine driving a BMW M850i Convertible with the roof down, that stunningly long hood ahead of you and the rip-roaring noise of its new V8 in your ears? That seems like proper motoring to me.

[Source: Ascariss Design]