It seems that the traditional sport sedan is on its way out, making way for more stylish, more practical four door “coupes”. Cars like the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe and Audi A5 Sportback are beginning to become very popular and beg the question of whether their sedan counterparts, the 3 Series and A4 respectively, are even worth getting. And the segment is growing quite rapidly, with new models coming from unlikely competitors. So can the two newest competitors, the Volkswagen Arteon and the highly anticipated KIA Stinger, take down the popular 4 Series Gran Coupe? Auto Express found out.


In this latest comparison test, AE pits those three cars together to see which is best. All three cars in this test were equipped with four-cylinder diesel engines, all making less than 200 hp, and automatic transmissions. Though, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe was all-wheel drive, while the KIA Stinger was rear-wheel drive and the VW Arteon was front-wheel drive. Both the 4 Series and the Stinger had eight-speed auto ‘boxes while the VW had a six-speed dual-clutch.

We won’t spoil the winners for you, so you can go and read Auto Express’ comparison, but the results are interesting. The fastest car of the bunch was the 4 Series, thanks to its all-wheel drive grip off the line, with the KIA trailing a behind it and the VW being slower than the KIA. The 4 Series was also the sportiest, most engaging car to drive, naturally, but it was also the firmest. The KIA was the most comfortable but the least engaging to drive, thanks to its body roll and less communicative steering. Although, the Stinger proves that KIA is moving in the right direction and it’s a great first attempt at a rear-drive sport sedan. The Volkswagen Arteon was the cheapest and more fun to drive than the KIA, so it offered an excellent value proposition.

These cars are closer than you’d thing, especially considering that the BMW 4 Series was the only car in the test to come from a premium brand. Sure, the VW is nice and has a great cabin but it’s not as refined or as luxurious as the Bimmer. It’s an intersting comparo that you should check out.

[Source: Auto Express]