MINI CEO Says Creating Electric Models Is a Challenge

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Considering the reputation the MINI brand has, one would have to look far and wide to find a better car maker out there that could …

Considering the reputation the MINI brand has, one would have to look far and wide to find a better car maker out there that could make small, electric city cars truly popular. Somehow, it all fits together, and MINI is currently working on it but, as the company’s boss would put it, creating small EVs isn’t as easy as it may seem at first. The issue, as you probably figured out already, lies in the compact size of the cars, bringing about quite the paradox.

MINI went on the record a while back, saying that a MINI Electric model will be built in the near future, promising a truly emission-free car for crowded cities around the world. The car would be built in Oxford and, in this regard, a battery center has been developed in the UK, to provide the needed expertise and hardware for the new models. Peter Schwarzenbauer, the CEO of MINI has gone on the record recently, speaking to Autocar, saying there are plenty of hurdles to jump over before the car becomes reality.

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“Electrifying Mini is quite a challenge, chiefly because of the small footprint of the cars. It does not leave much room for batteries. But if you look at the role of electrification in the urban environment and the desire to be local emissions-free, there is no other brand with the credentials of Mini. It should be a natural fit, and that is the direction we’re moving towards for the future. The success of the plug-in hybrid Countryman shows what can be achieved, and the full electric Mini that is coming will show another step,” he said.

In this regard, a solution to this issue could come from solid state batteries, which are considered to be the next big thing in the business. The BMW Group, which also owns MINI, is already working on these new batteries which are supposed to be lighter, more compact and capable of storing more energy with a variety of partners, including Solid Power, a US-based company working in the field since 2012.

3 responses to “MINI CEO Says Creating Electric Models Is a Challenge”

  1. Eddie says:

    The Chevy Bolt is only around 6 inches longer and travels over 200 miles. The ICE infrastructure is already in place. The electric infrastructure will cost billions, burning through cash and low profits. That is why the slow transition. If China was not putting its foot down about EV’s in the future, the ICE manufacturers would stall even longer.

    • disqus_NdrthOMZ62 says:

      Not like consumers are crying out for them, are there wait lists other than Model 3? And that exists because Tesla are not up to volume production speed. Ironic Chinese are being hailed as BEV future when they have not yet been able to produce 1 ICE for global export, just lame knock-offs for domestic consumption, they are in fact relaxing co-production demands to encourage BEV progress & production. Didn’t MINI already have an EV test fleet years ago?

    • neal patel says:

      Seems like you have a good knowledge in automobile :)

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