The people from ALPINA aren’t exactly prone to building SUVs. The Bovensiepen brand is mostly known for its fast saloons or coupe models and even convertibles. However, recent trends around the world have seen people move from these more traditional body types to SUVs of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, ALPINA had to adapt and not long ago they brought out their first SUV in the shape of the XD3, a diesel model based on the BMW X3.

Not long after, the XD4 showed up, since the two are basically the same cars with a different body from the B-Pillar on. They look spectacular, especially the new models, and have the performance to match, diesel engines making more torque than you may ever need. Now that the new X5 is out though, a question lingers on our minds: will ALPINA bring out an SUV based on it? Will we ever see an ALPINA XD5 become reality?

Well, it’s tough to say right now but if I were a betting man, I’d definitely go for it. Chances of it happening are pretty big as well as a possible XD7 but while on the XD5 I’d be leaning towards a diesel mill, on the bigger model based on the X7 I think a petrol V8 would be a better choice, the same mill found on the B7 Biturbo, for example. The luxury these two cars would bring to the table would be out of this world, mostly because you’re already starting with an incredible level of luxury in the standard BMWs.

If this all becomes reality remains to be seen but the same man who brought us the first rendering of how a BMW X5 M might look like, decided to take a step further and create an ALPINA XD5. This time round he got it a lot better, paying more attention to the essential details, like the add-ons on the front bumper and the rear as well as the wheels. This is definitely a looker.