Now that the G05 BMW X5 is out we finally get a couple of well-deserved answers to burning questions. Renderers can now have a field day trying to guess how the upcoming G06 X6 model will look like as well as the range topping G07 X7, as they will borrow a lot of styling cues from the X5. However, there might be an even more interesting thing to figure out in the following months, and that’s what the BMW X5 M will look like once finished.

The upcoming BMW X5 M is still quite a mystery as even our own sources don’t really have a lot of info about it. Judging by its codename, F95, it’s quite possible to see it use the same engine and transmission choice as the F90 M5. That means we’ll get to see the 4.4-liter V8 used on the uber-sedan with all of its 600 HP on the X5 M, which wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. The same 8-speed gearbox will be used and we expect the M xDrive system to be offered as well.

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This would make the X5 M the only SUV in its segment which would be able to send all of its power to the rear wheels, if the driver chooses to. This would also mark a first for a BMW M SUV as both the X5 M and X6 M have been traditionally offered with all-wheel drive, but without the possibility of switching it off. It would definitely make the new uber-SUV an interesting proposal and the X6 M will certainly follow suit.

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As for the design, the rendering at hand here done by Aksyonov Nikita, doesn’t really live up to the expectations. As you can see, there are a couple of elements taken from the M2 Competition and thrown right on it. The wheels and front bumper are taken straight from the two-door coupe, but the X5 M will most likely look different. Round the back, the traditional quad-tailpipes are missing, instead the artist added two rectangular pipes joined by a diffuser in the middle. It’s a nice try but misses quite a lot of cues which should’ve been there in the first place.