It has become a sort of tradition for BMW cars and bikes to be featured in the Mission: Impossible franchise. From the concept previewing the i8 to the F80 M3 and now the new BMW M5, Tom Cruise movies seem to go well with a blue and white roundel car or bike, as a matter of fact. The Hollywood actor is known to favor two wheels as well from time to time and bikes like the S1000RR and others have been featured in his films.

For the latest installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, BMW decided to bring out the literal big guns. Therefore, thanks to a new trailer released today on Youtube, we now know that the F90 M5 will be part of the movie, being used in a number of stunts, as the footage shows. From an airstrip to narrow streets, the M5 is shown in a number of scenarios. The same goes for the BMW R nineT, the bike Tom Cruise is riding in a couple of shots.

What makes things even more interesting is a particular shot of the M5 which takes us back to the good old James Bond days. In it we get to see Benji, played by Simon Pegg, apparently driving the BMW M5 using a smartphone or tablet. That’s incredibly similar to the E38 BMW 750iL Bond controlled with his phone back in 1997, in the Tomorrow Never Dies movie. Of course, the scales are different and the technologies as well but the basic idea remains unchanged.

Today, such a possibility seems a lot more doable than 21 years ago, especially since we already can control our cars and even move them around using either our intelligent key fobs or even smartphones. One question that remains unanswered is whether the new M5 will also be weaponized as the old 750iL was back in the day or whether it can only be remotely driven. I guess we’ll have to see the movie to find out.