Now that the new G05-generation BMW X5 has been revealed, it’s only natural to see how it stacks up against its main competitors. Admittedly, we don’t know how it’s going to stack up on the road, as we haven’t driven the new X5 just yet. However, we can see how it compares to its competitors in terms of styling. One incredibly popular SUV in the X5’s segment is the Audi Q7. So how to they stack up?

The current-gen Audi Q7 is still a very handsome car, even though it’s a few ears old now, but it’s not the most exciting looking car. In terms of excitement, the new BMW X5 is the better car. Its front end is far sportier and more aggressive, thanks to its imposing new Kidney Grilles and angry headlights. It also has two heavy creases in its hood that give its front end some muscularity. The Q7 looks good from the front but in a calm, understated way. Whereas the Audi Q7 is good looking, the X5 is exciting.

That same sentiment follows down the sides of the cars. While the Audi Q7 is a bit slab sided, the BMW X5 has an aggressive shoulder line that moves upward over its rear wheel arches, so as to show off its rear-drive nature and muscles. The same idea follows to the back, where the Q7’s rectangular taillights look good but are a bit bland. The X5’s taillights are slim and sleek.

Inside, the new BMW X5 starts to falter a bit to the Q7. The Audi is a few years old now but it still looks damn good inside. Its horizontal air vents, Virtual cockpit and LED ambient lighting all keep it looking fresh and modern. The BMW X5 has a very nice interior, filled with great materials and, probably, excellent technology. However, it does just look like a BMW interior and it’s a bit less lovely than we’d expected. It’s still great but the Q7 might just be a bit more interesting on the inside. The only thing that dates the Audi is its MMI screen that pops up from the dash. Although, the plus side of that is that it can be put back away, giving the dashboard an old-school clean look.

Overall, though, it seems as if the BMW X5 is the better looking car. It’s not that the Q7 is bad looking, it’s just a bit underwhelming. For some, that may be perfect. But the new X5 is certainly the more visually interesting car and, in a comparison like this, that’s all that matters.