Rolls-Royce took everyone by surprise last year at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este when it took the veils off a truly unique vehicle designed and built by the Goodwood brand. The Sweptail as it is called, is a one-off car, that was designed at the exact requirements of the patron ordering it, and brought to life thanks to the craftsmanship of the people inside the Rolls-Royce building. Now it seems we’re in for yet another such creation, possibly dubbed ‘boat tail’.

The name might be a stretch though and the only thing we have to rely on when reporting this is a BMW filing to trademark what we assume is the ‘boat tail’ name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) as reported by the people from Auto Guide. This filing doesn’t really fall in the patterns BMW is usually working within, as they are emphasizing more on sportiness and luxury rather than bespoke creations that can rival boats in size and pricing.

However, one must not forget BMW owns Rolls-Royce and when it comes to the double-R badge, things are a bit different. Sure, Boat Tail does sound like a bad name but the CEO of the company did hint at more custom, coach built models in the future, as quite a lot of interest was spurred on by the Sweptail. Since Rolls-Royce owners usually also have boats or yachts in their ‘stable’, the name doesn’t seem that peculiar on a second thought.

The filing was reportedly made just yesterday which means we’re still pretty far from seeing the car actually take shape and being presented to us. If this does turn out to be the next big project Rolls-Royce is working on, chances are we won’t even see it going out for tests, not even under heavy camo, just like it was the case with the Sweptail. Instead, Rolls-Royce will show it at an exclusive event, when finished.