Rolls Royce may very well be the most highly configurable brand in the world. With near infinite options, along with the ability to have anything bespoke made, Rolls Royce provides more customization than any other brand. That’s never been more true than with the brand’s first-ever proper SUV, the Rolls Royce Cullinan. And if you check out the Cullinan’s online configurator, the amount of customization you can do might just take hold of your entire day.

On the configurator, you can choose from about 20 different paint colors. However, you can truly choose whatever color you want. If you want the Cullinan to be painted in the same red as the little red wagon you had as a kid, you can have that. Seriously. There’s a story of a customer having a Rolls painted in the color of his wife’s lipstick. Whether that’s true or not, if a customer does want that, they can get it.

Though, the colors available are really great. Colors like Tuscan Sun and Belladona Purple are pretty different and interesting. The color I chose was Dark Indigo because I love dark blues on all Rolls Royces and thought it looked really elegant. Though, there’s really not a bad choice. Except for maybe Petra Gold because cars really shouldn’t ever be gold.

Inside, it’s even more customizable. You can choose from a seemingly countless combinations of colors, options, features, stitching and embossing. It’s endless and fantastic. Yet, even the configurator has nothing on what can really be done. There’s a story of a customer wanting the wood veneers made from a tree in the backyard of his childhood home. So Rolls sent out some people to collect the tree and make the trim for his car from it. That’s remarkable and truly remarkable.

This new Rolls Royce Cullinan probably has more options than other previous Rolls Royces, thanks to the fact that there are such features as the Viewing Suite, which is a set of automatically folding chairs that come out of the tailgate, so owners can look out at whatever stunning view lies in front of them.

We can spend all day on this configurator and, if you’re also a car freak, you might be able to as well. So maybe it’s not the smartest thing to do if you’re at work.