For the past few Mission Impossible movies, BMW has been the car of choice. From the BMW Vision Dynamics Concept to the BMW M3 and various BMW motorcycles, the Bavarian brand has been featured in Mission Impossible movies for years now. Well, Ethan Hunt is back in the new movie, Mission Impossible: Fallout. It features all of the huge Tom Cruise stunts we’re used to, tons of action and, of course, more BMWs.

This time, though, the product placement doesn’t seem so obvious, at least from the trailer. In the previous MI movie, Rogue Nation, Simon Pegg’s character drives a BMW M3 and so clearly uses the iDrive system. While it doesn’t really distract from the plot, it’s so clearly a product placement that it borders on humorous to car enthusiasts who know. From the trailer of this new one, though, the product placement seems a bit less in-your-face.

For instance, we see Cruise’s Hunt riding a BMW R nineT Scrambler and, eventually, knocked off of it, being thrown several yards. It’s a great looking bike and it looks cool as hell in the trailer but its BMW badge is subtle, so it’s not so obvious as Pegg using the rotary iDrive controller.


The best BMW scene in the trailer, though, comes when Cruise is driving an awesome green E28 BMW 5 Series and eventually drives it into Rebecca Hall’s character, Isla Faust on a motorcycle. Obviously, the scene isn’t great because Tom Cruise runs over Rebecca Hall because that’s actually disappointing as her character was great in the previous movie. It’s awesome because it’s a green E28 5 Series that’s doing the runnin’ over.

So having an awesome BMW bike get wrecked and one of the most classic BMW sedans isn’t exactly the product placement we’re used to from the franchise but, for car enthusiasts at least, it’s better.