In a month, the BMW M8 GTE will be competing in what is probably the most iconic races in motorsport, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. On that day, June 15 to be exact, BMW will also officially be debuting the 8 Series for the first time. So it’s a big day and one that honors BMW’s history of performance cars and motorsport. To honor that even further, BMW will be holding an event in Washington, where 17 of the brand’s most iconic race cars will be on display.

These race cars will be brought together by both BMW USA’s Classic Collection and a group of private collectors. “Who doesn’t love historic race cars?” asked BMW’s car club executive director Scott Dishman. “ACM’s debut of Heroes now brings the excitement to the west coast.”

Top Gear recently put together a photo gallery of some of BMW’s greatest and most iconic racers. It’s a pretty remarkable gallery, filled with some truly special race cars. Obviously the classic 1972 BMW 3.0 CSL is in there, except it’s the Group 2 Rally car, which is even cooler.

My personal favorite of this gallery has to be the 1981 March-BMW M1/C IMSA #2. Just look at those massive headlights jutting out past the tiny Kidney Grilles. It’s hilarious and fantastic. I love the Space Shuttle looking bubble roof, the massive rear wing and the huge air intakes just ahead of the rear wheels. It’s just an extreme looking race car and it looks fantastically purpose-built.

Although, the E34 “Bridgestone” BMW M5 is pretty damn awesome as well. With its checkered flag livery, enormous front camber and massive rear wing, it looks like something that’s been built to take on the Nurburgring. And I’m not even a huge E34 M5 fan but this car is flipping fantastic.

BMW has had many, many great race cars over the years and 17 of them will be in Washington at the ACM (America’s Car Museum). This gallery only features seven of the cars that will be on display but they’re great ones.

[Source: Top Gear]