When BMW was developing the X2, it had one major customer demographic above all others — youths. The BMW X2 has been designed to attract young, millennial buyers that want something fun and premium but also stylish. And what do young, millennial youth enthusiasts love to do to their cars? Wrap them. So BMW is having a competition when enthusiasts can submit their design for an X2 wrap and four finalists will see their car made and the first-place winner gets much more.

To enter the contest, you must be 21 years old and you can submit more than one wrap design. The only major restriction is that your wrap design has to be completely original and cannot be borrowed from the work of anyone else. Which is quite obvious, to be honest.

Of all of the submissions, there will be four finalists and one winner. The four finalists will have their wrap actually applied to BMW X2s, which will be shown off at the upcoming Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. Their design will also be shown at local BMW centers in the Pittsburgh area.

The first-place winner gets a bit more, though, as they get to have their design featured here, on BMWBLOG. We will do a feature on whichever BMW X2 wrap design wins the contest. What’s more, the first-place winner will also get a month-long loan of a BMW X2. It doesn’t say whether or not that loan will be of a BMW X2 wrapped in their design but, either way, it’s still awesome.

This is a pretty cool contest and it’s a good way to get young enthusiasts a bit more interested in the X2. At the moment, the X2 is one of the most heavily criticized Bavarian products. Its front-wheel drive layout makes it the target of many enthusiasts’ jokes. However, there’s no denying it’s a stylish and exciting looking car. Youths that can afford its admittedly high price tag will love the BMW X2. Especially if they can design their own wrap.

[Source: WrapMyX2]