Yesterday, BMW unveiled their most futuristic concept to date – BMW Vision Next 100. The revolutionary prototype stands out with its innovative design while using the latest and greatest technology developed in-house by the BMW engineers. One of the many features displayed by the Vision Next 100 is a full-size Head-Up Display which extends on the entire windscreen.

Both the driver and passenger can benefit from the projected into view information and no longer have to look at classic displays. The extremely minimal dashboard was designed as tidy as possible without any instrument gauges or infotainment displays.

BMW VISION NEXT 100-images-24

However, the surface of the dashboard is not wasted and at any point it can draw the driver’s attention with their surface hazards. When danger is imminent – like in the video below a cyclist crossing in front of the car – the materials on the dashboards display red triangles, giving the driver the option to react to the driving conditions even when the car is set to fully-automated mode. Another visual indicator is also displayed in the field of view through the Head-Up Display. In Boost mode, it focuses exclusively on what really matters to the driver: information such as the ideal line, turning point and speed. In addition, full connectivity, intelligent sensors and permanent data exchange allow the Head-Up Display to generate a digital image of the vehicle’s surroundings.

BMW VISION NEXT 100-images-8

In addition, by learning more and more about the driver, the system continuously improves, concentrating on creating at all times the most intense and personal driving experience possible.

The Augmented Reality also supports features like information about the buildings and your surroundings – essentially becoming a guide to a city. Trips can become more interactive and informative.

The possibilities of using the full-size HUD with Augmented Reality are endless, but we’re still years away from a production series car featuring the full suite of options.