BMW’s new X2 is quite the polarizing car. It’s been designed to be the sportier alternative to the BMW X1, with funkier styling and a sportier drive. Fans either love it for its quirky looks and sporty ride or hate it for its front-drive layout and lack of purity. We recently had the chance to drive the X2 and came away surprisingly impressed, actually. Though, we didn’t have much time to drive it. So we didn’t have the opportunity to really dig into the nitty-gritty of it. If you want to see more of the BMW X2, check this video review from Carwow.

In this new video, Carwow’s Mat Watson talks about its styling, interior space, practicality, features and the way it drives. So what does Watson say about the X2?

Well, in terms of styling, he makes a spot on comparison to a high-top converse sneaker. It’s a bit taller than a typical sporty sneaker but it’s not as big as a boot and it’s stylish and trendy. Just like the BMW X2. He doesn’t seem to particularly like the X2’s design but a lot of people don’t. It’s very funky and some people just aren’t fans. Personally, I like it but I’m not sure anyone should really take my style or fashion advice. It must be said, though, that the standard M Sport trim that the European market gets looks a lot better than the M Sport X Line trim we get here in North America.

Inside, it’s actually more spacious than it looks and has surprising practicality. The only real knocks against its practicality have nothing to do with its sloping roofline. Instead, they’re the high load lip in the trunk, which makes taking heavy items out more difficult, and the lack of space for the parcel shelf once you take it out. Other than that, though, the X2 is surprisingly usable as a utility vehicle. Its cabin is also filled with rich materials and great tech.

As far as its drive, the BMW X2 is certainly sportier than the X1 it’s based on. Its steering is heavy and quick and its ride is firm. Though it can be too firm. And we noticed that too during our drive. It’s steering is great but its ride is just too stiff over most pavement, even in Comfort mode. That pays off when the road gets twisty but we’re not sure it needs to be that bone-shakingly stiff to handle well.

Overall, Watson’s verdict, on whether or Avoid it, Consider it, Shortlist it or Buy it, is to Consider it. He says its a good car but the BMW X1 is cheaper, bigger, more comfortable and not much less fun to drive. If you value styling and that extra bit of sportiness more than the few thousand dollar savings, than the BMW X2 is worth it. If not, go with the BMW X1.