In many ways, using the adjective perfect to describe a car build might be putting it over the top. It gets used a lot these days and a lot of our readers neglect it – quite frankly, even we use it a lot. While most of the builds certainly deserve to be called that, there are some projects that are even more understated. This Mineral Grey BMW M2 is a perfect example of how perfection could be elevated to another degree. This sports Coupe comes from IND Distribution and it features a selection of aftermarket tuning parts that make this BMW M2 one of the most appealing projects seen to date.

When the BMW M2 was released, many thought the new “baby-M” will be an instant classic. And they were right. The small and nimble high-performance coupe comes with aggressive looks, impressive performance and amazing handling abilities. The vehicle comes powered by a by a 3.0 Liter BMW TwinPower Turbo engine delivering 365 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque allowing the M2 coupe to sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in just 4.1 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 155mph (250km/h). If you asked BMW enthusiasts, many will confirm this is as good as it gets.

The owner of this BMW M2 is an incredibly kind and soft-spoken person, yet clearly unconventional and open when it comes to his cars. This is his 30th M car. Most of them were tuned by the same company. That’s the kind of loyalty bought only by hard work, impressive knowledge, extensive experience and great customer satisfaction. No wonder that once again, the owner decided to bring his BMW M2, with only 40 miles on the odometer, straight to IND Distribution for some extensive modding work.

When the vehicle arrived at IND, the first thing done was the addition of an RKP carbon fiber roof panel. It lowers the weight of the vehicle in general, but it also gives the M2 a much lower center of gravity. Next in line from RKP was the new carbon GP upper lip and lower splitter – both inspired by the BMW M2 MotoGP series safety car.  Following these parts, a set of 3D Design Japan’s carbon side skirts joined the 3D Design Japan carbon diffuser, completing the first round of carbon accessories.

Since carbon fiber was becoming a seemingly focal point for the build, the addition of a full carbon fiber hood from Motorsport24, made for a perfect addition. These parts add a few interesting design touches – the power dome on the hood, for example – nicely mirrors the channels molded into the RKP roof, providing a much more assertive appearance over stock. In the rear end of the M2, a BMW M235R racing trunk lid accommodates the RKP M4 GTS trunk spoiler.

Under the hood, the M2’s high-performance nature is upgraded, thanks to the Eventuri carbon fiber air intake system and the Eventuri carbon fiber M2 specific engine cover. Both significantly improve air flow – when compared with the stock counterpart – and provide a pleasantly pronounced induction noise under acceleration.

Following the intake upgrades, the tuner installed some enhancements for the exhaust system. An Eisenmann’s full exhaust – centerpipe and rear muffler – were fitted, ensuring the vehicle comes with an improved throttle response and a much louder and throatier exhaust sound. Finishing off the additions are the optional carbon fiber and gold plated tips, nicely complementing the other carbon components in a matching 2×2 weave.

Next in line were the suspension upgrades. The KW Suspension Height Adjustable Sleeve Over Kit (HAS) is installed allowing the owner a lot of flexibility concerning ride height, something that most owners are certainly appreciative off. This kit is perfectly suited for use with the OE dampers, tightening up body roll on turns without adding any harshness.

The final additions to this vehicle are the IND cosmetic touches, namely the front grille surrounds, a set of painted front reflectors, the painted hood, and trunk roundels, a set of painted side markers – in a Mineral Grey / Gloss black finish, and a set of BMW OE M2 brake calipers painted in an Arancio Borealis finish. As for the interior, you’ll find an IND Distribution polar blue Stitched leather knee pad is found, followed by the colored seat belt set – finished in Polar Blue, a Polar Blue start / stop button, a Matte Carbon stitched parking E-brake handle and an IND Alcantara custom stitched armrest completes the build.

As you see from the list above, this is certainly one of the most detailed BMW M builds we’ve seen in recent times. Grab a detailed look at the final result of all the work done in the media gallery right below.