BMW is ramping up its model offensive and this year will see the introduction of a few new SUVs in the line-up, prompting the CEO to call 2018 the “Year of the X”. The statement was made during a recent press meeting where Harald Krüger presented the company’s results over the course of 2017 while also sharing some insight into what’s next for the blue and white roundel. 2018 will bring forward the results aimed at by the strategic decisions taken in the last few years.

While playing it cool for the last couple of months, the fact that Mercedes-Benz is currently wearing the premium segment ‘best-seller’ crown did set in motion a couple of measures inside Munich, which are expected to bear fruit in 2018. The broadest product initiative ever undertaken by the BMW Group continues this year, with the market launch of the BMW X2 in March, the ramping up of the BMW X3 at three production sites, the new generation of the BMW X4 and the unveiling of the X7, 2018 is sure to go down as the “Year of X” for the Germans.

“We are bringing out completely new models and introducing a new design language for the whole product range. This is our recipe to ensure that the BMW brand regains pole position in the premium segment by 2020,” Krüger stated. “Our industry is currently experiencing a phase of unprecedented technological change. At the same time, however, it needs to cope with the challenge of present-day volatility. We are stepping up the pace in 2018 and targeting our ninth successive record year,” he added.

Despite major changes impacting the mobility sector, the one constant factor influencing the company’s strategic decisions is fulfilling the needs of its customers according to BMW. “Their passion and excitement is at the core of our growth strategy,” emphasised Krüger. “That is why the BMW Group offers a unique range of products (from the BMW i3 to the Rolls-Royce Phantom) and services, all of which contribute towards making our customers’ lives easier. With this point in mind, we are on our way to becoming a customer-focused mobility and high-tech company.”